My Moonshot journey with EdTech

I am so grateful about  Nicole Krueger's article about my innovation journey with edtech in my school. This is a beautiful article that really showcase the passion for learning, sharing, collaborating and it keeps me so motivated and proud of the shared effort that I have put along with my awesome team of EdTech Mentors, … Continue reading My Moonshot journey with EdTech

My work is my passion

I am a BIG fan of Daniel Pink and I eat, sleep and breath his concept of "Mastery, Autonomy and Purpose". Source: I am passionate about Moonshot Thinking: I feel educators do not always feel they have a voice and choice because they are feeling overwhelmed with administrative tasks, procedures and meetings that do not … Continue reading My work is my passion

Computational Thinking is not complicated

I know that the words are scary: "computational thinking"... Does this only mean stuff some geeks do with code and robots? NOPE! Computational Thinking is one of the new ISTE Standards for Students (2016) which deals with critical thinking + computing. Every teacher can integrate CT in their lessons. It's all about unleashing the power … Continue reading Computational Thinking is not complicated

Transforming Language Teaching & Learning with Sylvia Duckworth

I am organizing a YouTube live event coming up very soon in collaboration with Sylvia Duckworth. Sylvia Duckworth will share her experience teaching French with the AIM method and I will talk about mine using the Silent Way Approach. Both of us will also discuss how EdTech can be integrated to teach foreign languages. Date: Feb 22nd, … Continue reading Transforming Language Teaching & Learning with Sylvia Duckworth

Fail and BlahBlahBlah buttons to relax the atmosphere!

Humor is a powerful way to relax the atmosphere when coaching educators. I particularly like to have my two favorite buttons with me. The 'fail'and the 'BlahBlahBlah' buttons. I use them to reflect and be a critical thinker about myself. Sometimes I just push the fail button to show teachers that I really am not perfect … Continue reading Fail and BlahBlahBlah buttons to relax the atmosphere!

Communication and Expression

I recently answered 3 questions about online communication to contribute to a book to be published by ISTE. I would like to share the answers I provided and also be a critical thinker and talk about the difference between communication and expression. How do we communicate online with students to help build relationships and help … Continue reading Communication and Expression