Scott Buckley Creative Commons’ Music tracks

You might have been in my situation. Looking for Creative Commons’ Music to add to a video?

Since I have come across Scott Buckley’s sites and I am so in love! Scott has beautiful music, from dark to quirky to adventurous and happy. Check out his site:

Some of my favorite ones and what it makes me feel when I hear them….

Fireflya walk in a field with the a beautiful light of the day, fresh air, nice perfume of the flowers… birds playing. Life moving on.

Journeys Friendship, places, coffee! Come on, let’s go for a movie. Marshmallow barbecue. Late night at the beach. Campfire and chilled beer. Happy moments of togetherness.

Dreamt to Flying ~ This inspires me and give me the impression that everything is possible and I should keep pushing myself, continue my journey. The pause is a time to wonder, question yourself and then the tone gets stronger again and inspires me to climb mountains.

The Waster (OST) ~ Suspense. Dark. Cold Winter. In a cobblestone street. Alone. Followed? RRRRRUUUUUUNNNNN!!!!!! a shadow pursues me…. Hide! Look through the hole…. See the beast…

TomorrowIs this Santa? Ho ho ho! He is trying to be discreet but I can see him, hopping in and out of his carriage to deliver goodies and gifts to all children.

Rainbows ~  A very happy music for talkative ones. Blablabla…. Chatty, inspiring conversational, interactive.

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