One of the most exciting professional experience in my entire life: ISTE 2016! The best ever conference where you feel so connected to people as you meet so many like-minded individuals with amazing ideas about education.


I had the privilege to be part of the ISTE Awardees as I receive one of the 5 Emerging Leader Award and got the EdTech Coaches PLN Award 🙂 I was intimidating because at that time, I was not a very active part of ISTE but I practiced the Standards and shared similar point of view about EdTech. A few months later, ISTE has become my first network to grow and share as an EdTech Coach.

I am thankful to Katie Ritter for her super nice words when she presented me during the PLN Breakfast, I was scared because I didn’t know anyone but when I met people there, it felt like home, naturally.

Of course receive the Emerging Leader Award was a fantastic experience. I was so thrived to be selected. Because of the award, I could finance part of my trip and could take the decision to attend ISTE and most importantly, I felt recognized for my work, I felt that I was making an impact and that I should continue to challenge myself everyday at work and beyond.

I can never forget ISTE2016, especially Heidi Ellis and Simon Helton who are very approachable people who made me feel so welcome and part of the family.

Long life to ISTE, I cannot wait for San Antonio!

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