Meeting Sylvia Duckworth for real

In the EdTech sphere, everybody know Syl’s sketches! She is the creativity Queen with her fantastic drawings. She inspires so many. From my first encounter with Sylvia, I was touched by her kindness. She is passionate about her work and she has a big heart. You can tell, when you have met her, that she is a caring and generous person.

Her sketches are a way for her to share powerful ideas, honor great innovators and question the world of education.

In her school, Sylvia is a friendly colleague who coaches others and continues to teach French with passion.

I enjoyed meeting Sylvia, spending time sharing ideas about teaching French and innovating.

I am looking forward to collaborating with Sylvia as she teaches French using the AIM method while I use the Silent Way approach. There are commonalities but each method comes with its interpretation and appropriation.

It was great to hear Sylvia’s story because we can identify very well with her and that inspires many. Hear her:

I also appreciated that she made me do a small exercise that she uses during her sessions on sketchnoting. This is a way to get people who say they “can’t” draw to actually draw and be happy with their drawing 🙂 Try it our here:

This sends another powerful message to everyone: Anybody “CAN” learn something we thought we couldn’t. Let’s end this post with one of Syl’s sketch about “creative people”. Well “creative people” do not exist OR we all are creative. Creativity is a skill, or perhaps a mindset. Look at the attributes of creativity:


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