How to create YouTube videos

To create your YouTube video, you have many options depending on what you want to do. You need a YouTube account to upload and edit videos (if you have a google account, you can use it).


– You can create a video of you screen with screen recorder softwares and publish online
– You can video-tape with a video-camera and then upload your video on youtube
– You can use the creative commons videos: search and make a video as if it was yours. See. It’s ethical!
– you can make photoslideshow coming from Picassa or google plus
– You can use the app called “Capture” and film with your Ipad and then puclish to youtube

   PRIVACY: On youtube, you have a possibility of 3 privacy settings:

– Public (anyone can search and view this video)
– Unlisted (only people with the link can see this video: so you should not share the link publicly and be careful)
– private (only specific youtube users can view)
In advanced settings: allow comments or not.

        Step 2: EDIT

– You can use your own video editor software but if you need a quick work, you can simply edit online through youtube editor

Youtube Editor gives you many options: add captions (can be useful for special needs), annotations, effects (see the next video):
Adding annotations: Sometimes it is used to advertise and it gets really annoying but there is an interesting way to use annotations with hyperlinks to move from one video to another, example here with this excellent resource on cyber-bullying (click YES for all the options and you will see what happens):
More on how to use Youtube Editor here.

        Step 3: ORGANIZE

If you plan to create many video, you can set your own channel and categorize your videos into playlists.
If you are a big YouTube fan, you can find lots of information on video making here

Tricks on YouTube

Problem of YouTube Editor: You cannot upload your own music, but there are tricks to add music: you can videotape a song or your voice and add it in the music track cause you cannot upload a music or voice.

Turn safety on so that the content is appropriate.
Playlists: Search for a video and filter with playlist. You can add videos you like onto playlitsts as well; having playlists is good to organize a unit or inspirational videos for students. Sometimes we watch and forget which video we liked, this is a way to put videos together into categories or topics etc. There is no collaboration in a playlist.

If you want more information about advanced editing on YouTube, check out these detailed info on the Google Support Website here.
By default, you can only upload 15 min of video but it’s possible to upload longer videos for free by following these steps here.

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