During the #IMMOOC, the most important light bulb moment was realizing that I could blog! I just had to start. Not just that I wanted to “tick the box” and say “I am a blogger” and show off, it was simply another mean for me to share my ideas and inspiration with an audience. I realized that I can break the isolation I sometimes feel by blogging, even if I create a small post, even though it does not seem an important thing to share, I can share it and someone else might like it.

The IMMOOC is a PD on Reflecting! It’s all about realizing what our vision is and how we put it into practice, what are the things we already do that are amazing and what are the things that we want to challenge ourselves with to push the educational world forward with our own creativity.

After I wrote a blog post, seeing it published made me feel proud and I could pretend being the audience and read, I could see that my VOICE mattered.

I am a very big fan of Austin Kleon’s “Show Your Work” and blogging made me put this philosophy into practice. I could apply most of his “rules”:


Building a global Network

The community on Facebook was another big take-away from the IMMOOC because it’s a constant reminder of what innovation looks like, how many forms it can take and how positive it is! Seeing people’s posts, comments, likes made me feel that we all are connected and we make an impact, we should not feel alone.

Building a strong relationship with my colleague:

A few months before the IMMOOC, when I saw that this was going to happen, I shared the link to sign up on our Google Group “Let’s Get Inspired” and if I remember well, I shared this during the summer holidays so I thought to myself that a few people were going to read it or pay attention to it BUT one of my teachers saw it and signed up and I didn’t know it until we both started the IMMOOC. It was so great to hear that this teacher took a risk and also to see how excited she was about it. The relationship we developed throughout this experience was one of complicity and empathy. We started to talk more often and shared frustrations, listen and motivated one another.

My experience of building both a local and global network was very exciting as I felt balanced.

The IMMOOC reinforced my beliefs, ambitions and my understanding that there are a lot more people I can connect with than I could think of.

takeawayMy “Takeaway”

The book study was an affirmation that a lot of people think on the same line and it catalyses this energy and impact.

The IMMOOC made me amplify my voice through everyone’s voices

Since  I am passionate about visible and tangible learning, I decided to put this thinking into action and tried sketch-noting. I decided to start by using the Sketchpad App because I didn’t have a functional iPad and stylus this week, so this is what I came up with:

Drawing (1).png

I will continue to push my thinking and ACTION forward to make innovation a reality and spread it in my community and beyond. I loved blogging as it pushed me to say what I think and share it with the world. It’s not easy to keep doing it but you know what, it does not have to be perfect, I learnt that you don’t need to be a genius to share, part of having an innovative mindset is creating with what you learnt and push yourself so I will continue to use this blog!

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