Week 5 #IMMOOC ~ About ACTION

What struck me in Week 5 Watching the latest video, what really struck me what thinking about the comment of George Couros about creating meaningful connections for our students, for instance about videos online: if you can learn it through videos then you do you need to teach it? Teachers need to use their students as … Continue reading Week 5 #IMMOOC ~ About ACTION

Week 4 #IMMOOC ~ About bein vulnerable

 I am going to share what resonated the most in me from the Week 4 videos. First I really like this visual as it encompasses the main ideas behind this IMMOOC and is a constant reminder about learners' agency. It also reminds me that these things need to be experienced by educators first as they are … Continue reading Week 4 #IMMOOC ~ About bein vulnerable

Week 3 #IMMOOC ~ About Resilience

What resonated from the last video on Week 3 of the #IMOOC was all about going beyond frustrations and being resilient. When I was watching and sharing with others around me, I felt very connected as the experience was similar for me and for my colleagues. It's not right to micro-manage students (or anyone). I … Continue reading Week 3 #IMMOOC ~ About Resilience